private investigators and trial counsel

Private Investigators and Trial Counsel

Private investigators are able to help your case in numerous ways. We have discussed at length in this blog, how they can help with witness interviews. As well as, how good they are at tracking individuals and serving subpoenas, even last minute.

Background checks are also essential services private investigators bring to the table for court cases. However, today we are discussing trial counsel during court proceedings. What does this boil down to?

This is how private investigators can keep attorneys and their clients updated on the most current information concerning their cases. For example, during an ongoing investigation relevant to their case. This is often during a trial currently proceeding in court.

What services does trial counsel offer?

Trial counsel encompasses a number of responsibilities and skills. Private investigators can call last-minute witnesses that are part of an ongoing investigation for instance. New information often comes up during trials that may not have been available during the pre-trial preparation stage.

Private investigators are experts in acquiring this information and efficiently preparing it for use in court. It’s important for new information to be considered during a case, as it can often completely change the angle. PIs can process it and prepare it correctly.

Private investigators provide a solid support for attorneys. With said new information properly processed they can help you adjust or restructure your trial approach accordingly. They are at the ready and on standby for all sorts of supportive services during ongoing trials and prior to them too.

Other supportive services relevant to trial counselling

Trial counselling can also involve other supportive services for attorneys. For instance, scheduling or rescheduling important trial proceedings. Such as witness interviews and their transportation. This can be quite a common occurrence actually since court proceedings get delayed or circumstances change with new developments.

Witnesses, for example, can get recalled for a second testimony. Private investigators can be a reliable point of contact during the trial stage. They can save attorneys time taking charge of scheduling and witness transportation and interviews. Leaving you more time for your clients and trial preparation.

If you find yourself in need of a licensed private investigator and their particular set of skills, please feel free to call us. Or simply click on this link to get in contact with one of our team members.

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