Law Firms: What do They Need From Private Investigators?

One of the primary functions of many private investigators and agencies is to assist law firms with their cases. They do this primarily via collating evidence, performing investigations, engaging in pre-trial prep and delivering important documents. Such as, serving subpoenas.

Although law firms already employ many experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Sometimes, some of the obstacles and questions that come into play become enormous endeavours. In these situations, solving these issues can become a huge time-sync for their personnel. Time attorneys would otherwise need to focus on their client, to prepare the angle of their case.

It’s at times like these that it’s wise to bring in outside help. And now one is better suited to support a law firm during a trial than a private investigator or their agency.

What services can PIs offer law firms?

There are a number of tasks PIs are experts in and could assist law firms with. Below is a list of some very useful skills they possess:

  • Financial investigations: Private investigators can offer law firms their specialized technical services. PIs have the right tools and access to uncover financial records in public records. This process can be crucial to solving financial crimes as it can assist in bringing in new evidence. Saving your company time and money.
  • Building a profile: PIs are experts at reading people and compiling evidence and information on them. They can help build an accurate profile of any individual important to the case. This profile can be an important reference in a case as it will contain crucial data and evidence admissible in court.
  • Fraud detection: Although these skills are often used to prevent fraud. Private investigators can also offer them to detect cases of fraud. With their skills and tools, they can bring to light scams, fraudulent insurance claims and cases of tax evasion.
  • Outsmarting your opponent: Is something private investigators are very good at. For instance, they are very much used to dealing with people that might be trying to squirm out of an unfavorable situation. This experience makes them very good at predicting opponents and thinking fast on their feet. They can help in finding the right angle of attack against an opponent. That is to say, with their strategies your law firm could be winning even more cases.

Private investigators: experts at locating people and assets

  • Serving papers and locating people of interest: Often times in order to serve important papers, such as subpoenas, it’s necessary to locate the subject first. However, this can prove difficult, these individuals might not want to be found. Yet with a private investigator, you’re in luck, since they are experts in locating individuals.
  • Asset location: Similarly, private investigators’ excellent people-finding skills transfer to locating things too. Whether these are financial assets or a particularly valuable item towards a case, or even some sort of evidence. Private investigators can help you locate it in a timely and efficient manner. Providing all the items in the correct manner, to be presentable in the court of law.
  • Historical reconstruction: Since PIs are also excellent at background checks, they also excel at looking into individuals’ lineages and family backgrounds. This can be relevant to financial cases that might concern inheritance, for example. A private investigator can save a lot of time and resources in this regard.

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