How do Private Investigators Locate People

How do Private Investigators Locate People?

There are various ways private investigators can locate people. In the present day, they do this mostly by scanning people’s data. A lot of the most useful data is financial data, in other words, people’s economical contributions and activity.

This kind of financial activity can include:

  • Paying bills
  • Applying for loans
  • Buying cars
  • Purchasing other forms of registered property, such as homes

Why might a private investigator need to locate someone? There are a number of situations in which a PI may need to locate someone for a case:

  • To serve legal paperwork
  • To find and interview a witness for a trial
  • They may also need to serve a deposition
  • Or even find someone for debt collection

At times, private investigators are even hired to find missing family members. However, most work locating individuals for legal purposes.

Can the state of the economy affect how PIs locate people?

It certainly can. As we mentioned above, many of the ways PIs locate people in today’s age rely on tracking financial and economic data. This is very useful in a healthy economy since people are consistently and directly contributing to the economy.

Which means they are paying their bills on time, etc. Meaning they leave a trace of activity, making it easier to find them. However, if the economy is suffering, people usually are too. Which unfortunately can translate to them being unable to pay bills or purchase a registered property. This results in them leaving behind a smaller trace. Overall, making it more complicated for PIs to locate people.

We saw examples of this during the Covid-19 pandemic. The economy deteriorated around the world. People’s jobs suffered, as well as, whole industries. Which made it more difficult for people to participate in the economy. Not to mention, that being locked down also meant there was less general economic activity on a whole.

As another consequence of this, we saw financial activity very much reduced. Consequently, making it harder for private investigators to find their subjects.

Other methods of location

Fortunately, private investigators don’t only rely on financial information and data to locate individuals. There is a plethora of other data available they can access to assist attorneys with their cases.

They have access to public databases, and more importantly, licensed databases that are updated much more frequently than public ones.

Fortunately, experienced private investigators have the know-how and tools to locate people regardless of society’s current circumstances. They are experts in connecting the dots and adapting to the needs of their case.

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