Background Checks and Criminal Record

Background Checks and Criminal Record

When people commit certain crimes, it goes into their criminal record. This record serves to notify organizations that such an individual has been involved in a certain criminal act in the past. The organization may then decide to act on the record as it will. If they perceive that the individual may be a threat to them, they may decide not to relate with such an individual. Other times, they may engage such individuals but will take precautions if they can.

They usually do these checks during recruitment processes. During the background checks, they check the individual’s criminal record. They also check employment history, educational background, and many more details. All is done to ensure that they are not engaging the wrong person.

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Doing background checks is not limited to employers only. Sometimes, landlords carry out background checks on prospective tenants. Even the government may carry out background checks on individuals. This of particular importance for security jobs and similar jobs where firearms are needed. Firearms in the wrong hand can be detrimental. These checks reduce the chances of firearms getting in the wrong hands.

Private Investigators and Background Checks

When it comes to background checks, private investigators are experts. A well-versed private investigator is thorough. They take their time to ensure that no stone is left unturned as they carry out their investigations. They carry out different checks and combine their findings to come to the most accurate conclusion about the individual. The following are some of the checks they carry out:

Employment Checks

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This is very important while carrying out a background check for a recruitment process. This check is necessary to verify the details of the CV of the individual. The PI finds out if the candidate has truly worked in all the organizations listed on their CV. They find out if their job description is accurate and if the achievements are true.

Criminal Record Check

Here the PI reveals whether the individual has committed a crime in the past or not. If your candidate has committed a crime in the past, they check if that criminal record could be an issue in your organization. For instance, a child sex offender will most likely be considered unfit to teach little children. It is not hard to imagine why. Someone who has been convicted for fraud will be unlikely to get a job in a financial institution.

Credit Report Checks

Credit report checks are restricted by certain laws. But they can still be carried out under some circumstances. Credit report checks can give a hint of the financial responsibility of  the candidate.

Social Media Checks

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Private investigators could also go through the social media profiles of the individual. They look out for suspicious activities. These days, criminals give hints on social media about crimes they have done or intend to do. Such details are crucial and a PI can easily find them out.

DMV check

If you are employing an individual that will be driving at any point. Check their DMV record is necessary. You want to be sure that the individual is not one that flouts traffic rules. You want to be sure that their license is authentic. These are some of the details a PI will check for in a DMV record.

You can carry out a background check on your own. But your efforts will not be as efficient as that of a private investigator. All you need to do is give the PI the necessary information and they will give you the necessary result.

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