Attorney and Private Investigator Relationships

Attorney and Private Investigator Relationships

Solid attorney and private investigator relationships can make all the difference in court and countless cases. There is a perfect intersection in their skills that allows PIs to support attorneys. Mainly in taking enough workload off them that enables them to focus on working closely with their clients. Simultaneously helping them build solid arguments for their case.

How then, can attorneys and private investigators build a strong working relationship?

That would entail finding the right private investigator first. The best thing to look out for, as an attorney, would be a PI that shares specialties with you and/or your firm. This will make building cases much smoother and ensure efficient workflow.

Finding the right PI is just the beginning

After establishing that you have found the right PI or agency it is time to solidify a strong working relationship. Communication is key in this regard, especially in a legal context. Open and transparent communication is what builds trust in a working attorney and private investigator relationship.

During this initial period, it is important to set expectations and boundaries. For an attorney, it is important to know what tasks you would want your hired PI to undertake. For instance, locating and interviewing witnesses, revisiting crime scenes, collecting and prepping evidence for presentation in court, or even serving papers to a party relevant to your case.

Having tasks like these in mind and being ready to delegate to your PI is an easy way to smooth out the workflow for your case. They will assist you in any way possible, so as to support everyone’s ultimate goal; building a compelling case.

How to make the most of private investigator relationships

It is crucial as we said to have clear roles in the case. This way you avoid getting in each other’s way. For example, make sure you leave investigative strategies and the collection of proof to your PI. Let them lay the foundation of your case. This is their area of expertise and where they can assist you most. Providing you with the right evidence to support your case.

This, of course, includes the transcripts of witness interviews, properly logged and documented. And extends to locating these individuals for you. Not that an attorney cannot contribute to the investigative process; a strategy can be formulated together. However, investigating is a PI’s specialty; letting them shine here is the best way for you to focus on building a strong case.

In other words, let your private investigator lay the foundation of your case. They will bolster your arguments with effective investigative strategies and properly acquired evidence.

That is to say, where a private investigator’s job ends, an attorney’s begins. The PI investigates and provides evidence. Whereas, the attorney then decides how to best utilize the proof at hand to build a compelling case. One that benefits your mutual client best.

This is the context in which attorney and private investigator relationships thrive. If you find yourself in need of a licensed private investigator and their particular set of skills, please feel free to call us. Or simply click on this link to get in contact with one of our team members.

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